The goal of the project is quite simple: deploy a fun coin that will ever infest your life.

Ratcoin is a cryptocurrency coin that was launched on November 10, 2018 over 3 Years ago. Ratcoin is a true cryptocurrency with its own blockchain using an open source script algorithm.

Latest News

The crypto world has been flooded with thousands of cryptocurrency coins including tokens that are taking the place of cryptocurrency. The Ratcoin project is here to break away from the common cryptos and common tokens. We are here as a team to show the crypto world that there is more to crypto then just buying and selling. The Ratcoin project objective is to deploy fun and ongoing new projects to give a solid utility purpose to this crypto. As we create new projects for this crypto we will create common utility uses for our cryptocurrency that can replace common Fiat currency.

New Bololex Pairs Added

New Bololex Pairs Added RatCoin Network is happy to announce that we have added additional market pairs to Bololex This is just an announcement to let you all know that[…]

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Wallet Setup Guide

Wallet Setup Guide

RatCoin Wallet Setup Guide Having trouble getting your RatCoin wallet set up? Don’t Stress, we have you covered with our step-by-step RatCoin Wallet Setup Guide Whatever your reason for coming[…]

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RatCoin Wallets

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Wallet Setup Guide

Having trouble getting your RatCoin wallet set up?
Don’t Stress, we have you covered with our step-by-step RatCoin Wallet Setup Guide.
This guide will help you to, step-by-step, set up your very own RatCoin wallet, and show you a few tricks to make your RatCoin life easier.


Setup Guide For Windows

Stake Your RAT

RatCoin does not officially have a partnership with or provide support for any staking pools currently supporting RatCoin (RAT). As always we would prefer that our members use the wallet to stake as this helps to secure the network and, more often then not, gives you the most rewards. Despite this, below is a list of staking pools that RatCoin is listed on, if you require the use of a staking pool.


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RatCoin Specifications

Ticker: RAT
Max Supply: 9,000,000,000 (9 Billion)
Block time: 3 Minutes
Algorithm: Scrypt POS / POW
Premine: 20% (1.80 Billion) made up of:
13.49% for the swap (1,214,430,975.76010)
4.26% for Development (383,228,755.00000)
2.25% Community Fund (202,340,269.23991)
Coinbase maturity: 30 blocks
Staking Maturity: 30 Blocks (~1.5 Hour)
Target spacing: 3 minutes
Target timespan: 1 block
Transaction confirmations: 30 blocks
Pow 0 coins per block till block 200k

Block Number POS %
0,000 – 50,000 20%
50,001 – 100,000 225%
100,001 – 150,000 200%
150,001 – 200,000 175%
200,001 – 250,000 150 %
250,001 – 300,000 125%
300,001 – 350,000 100%
350,001 – 400,000 75%
400,001 – 550,000 50%
550,001 – 600,000 25%
600,001 – 650,000 20 %
650,001 – 700,000 15%
700,001 – 750,000 10%
750,001 – Max Supply 5%

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You can find RatCoin (RAT) on the following information sites

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