RatCoin (RAT) Development Fund


The RatCoin Development Fund was created during the swap from RatCoin to RatCoin 2.0 out of a percentage of the premine. You can find the premine distribution information in our Q1 2021 Report: https://ratcoin.network/ratcoin-q1-2021-report/.
Previously there was no funds available for the development of RatCoin. No funds for exchange listings, wallet creation (android etc) or anything into the future. The admin team decided that this was a huge roadblock to making RatCoin something great, so the RatCoin Development Fund was created. The initial amount from the premine was 350 million RatCoin, enough for us to be able to secure the further development of RatCoin long into the future. The fund is also staking on the network so that we can earn interest and help secure the network. 100% of the POS rewards received by the fund will remain in the fund to .
To be clear, all of the funds in the Development Fund will be solely used for:

  • Wallet creation and updates
  • Mobile Wallet Development
  • Exchange Listing Fees
  • Explorer & Website Hosting & Maintenance
  • Any Future Development Costs

Below you will find the Development Fund Ledger. This ledger will be updated regularly with the complete list of all transactions on the fund so that people have full visibility of what is happening with the fund. You can always check the fund on the explorer using the link below and it will tell you the total balance, total withdrawn and more. This will provide everyone with a real-time view of the fund, it’s balance and use. We are all about transparency, so we welcome any questions in regards to the Development Fund.

Check on our progress here http://explorer.ratcoin.network/address/rH1c1q32UtcdewKzqnB9czVpCMCW86T8H1