RatCoin (RAT) Roadmap 2021 Q2


We will be creating a wallet bot for both our Telegram and Discord Socials. At this point people will not be able to stake from this wallet, but this may be added when the bots are finally released or soon after. These bots will mainly be for us to perform Bounties and Airdrops in the socials, and also for users to be able to tip, swap, rain or trade RatCoin.

We will be investigating two mobile wallet options leading up to Q2. One will be utilising an existing coins wallet and being integrated into it, the other will be our own custom Android Wallet. We expect to have one version released before the end of Q2

We will commence work on our e-commerce plugins, beginning with a WordPress payment plugin. Depending on complexity and regulations, we hope to have this released in Q2. The plugin will be free and we are hoping it will assist in RatCoin being used by WordPress site owners and e-commerce stores as an alternative form of payment, opening the doors for RatCoin as a legitimate currency.
The community will be notified when the development starts and we will post progress updates as things progress. We will also require people to help us test the plugins pre-release, so we will be asking for the communities assistance when we are closer to completion and ready to Beta test.

In Q2 we will be focusing heavily on the voting listings with the exchanges listed above and also investigating and costing listings on other more major exchanges to see what viable options we may have for listing later in the year (Q3, Q4); examining costs, delisting rules and listing criteria and will keep the community informed of the progress in our quarterly reports and on the progress updates on the roadmap.
We have also partnered with a developer who is currently in the process of creating their own exchange and it should be in Q2 that it will be opening. We are hoping to have RAT listed as a currency pair for the exchange, which will mean that any other coins listed on the exchange will have the opportunity to be traded with RAT.

At this point we think it would be a good idea to try and get a listing on CoinMarketCap. The application process can be long and complex, but we will complete the process and hopefully at least get a simple listing on their platform. There is no guarantee of getting the listing, but if we do, having this will definitely be a huge step for RatCoin as this is the platform a lot of people use to check the legitimacy of a coin.