RatCoin (RAT) Roadmap 2021 Q3


While we will be constantly looking for other faucets to infest the world with RatCoin, in Q3 we will be adding a faucet to our website. With advertising we are hoping that this will drive people to the website where all of the official information is and learn more about RatCoin once they get a little taste from the faucet.
This faucet will be funded by the Community Fund

Now that things should be getting established, we thought it would be a good time to create and open the RatCoin Merchandise shop. At the time of opening we are hoping to have t-shirts, jumpers, hats, cups, keyrings and more. All bearing the RatCoin logo so we can show ourselves off. A lot of the merchandise will be meme related and we will also be running meme contests in the community, where the winner has their meme available on Merchandise available from the store. Payment for the merchandise at the start may be in fiat or part-payment in RatCoin, but eventually we would like people to be able to simply purchase things using only RatCoin.
The best thing about it all is that all of the profits will be going back into RatCoin to help grow and develop things further.

By now we would hope that RatCoin will have been listed on a few of the exchanges we were campaigning for in Q1 & Q2. After also performing an investigation earlier in the year into bigger exchanges where we can list RatCoin, it is in Q3 that we will ask the community which exchange(s) they would like to pursue (out of the list of investigated ones). Once the decision has been made by the community and the necessary funds and requirements are met we will begin the process of listing.